Busy Doing my Sourdough Things - UVDTF Decal
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Busy Doing my Sourdough Things - UVDTF Decal

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How to Apply: 

1. Make sure glass/plastic/surface is clean of any hand oils or dirt, and dry. Please do NOT use alcohol to clean because it will ruin your transfer. 
2. Squeegee wrap front and back before use.

3. Trim down wrap to your preference.

4. Ensuring the design is facing down, peel the backing off. This allows for the whole design to stick to the carrying film. 

5. Line the design film on the glass/plastic cup and lay design film down. *Note: the adhesive is extremely strong and once it touches the surface it will be impossible to take off. 

6. Squeegee the film down, ensuring that all the bubbles are pushed out. 

7. Rub as many times as possible, the more rubbing you do the better. 

8. Carefully and slowly peel clear film off. Enjoy! 

Care Instructions:

We recommend hand washing. Do not soak in water/alcohol. We do not recommend dishwasher or microwave. 


We are not responsible for transfers that are applied incorrectly or damaged during application. 

Colors may vary slightly from stock photo

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